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Why should we add defoamer to Corrugated Board?

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Corrugated pulp is a main material for making corrugated paper. It is a kind of pulpy material made by plant fiber through different processing methods. With the needs of the contemporary people, corrugated paper is widely used in transport packaging boxes, and can also be used in digital, food and other packaging containers. In the process of making corrugated paper board, there is an important part - the need to add defoamer to the corrugated pulp.

It was the originally necessary to add other chemical auxiliaries during the processing of corrugated pulp. These chemical auxiliaries reacted under manual mixing or machine operation, which caused chemical instability and could not reach the chemical balance in chemistry. The state, which leads to the generation of foam, in addition to the operation of the machine, the amount of chemical aid added and the time of addition, will cause the corrugated pulp to foam.

The result is that the foam can seriously affect the performance of corrugated paper and can easily lead to the failure of corrugated paper production. Those low quality paper board with the gap in the middle of the corrugated paper, not strong enough and the ruggedness is caused by the black heart merchant not adding the corrugated pulp antifoaming agent.

The corrugated pulp antifoaming agent is made up of non toxic polyether silicone oil or polysiloxane as the main raw material and a variety of additives. It is easy to disperse in the aqueous system, has strong self-emulsification, good defoaming, strong alkali resistance, pressure resistance and temperature resistance. It is an antifoaming agent specially used for foaming corrugated pulp.

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