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Silicone Defoamer for Textile Mill in Textile Printing and Dyeing

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • It is widely used in Textile Printing and Dyeing.
  • Fast speed of defoaming, long time in restrain of foaming.
  • Good dispersibility, high dissolution rate.
  • High temperature resistance (≤120℃), wide working range PH value (1-14).
  • Low dosage, low cost, no toxicity and residue, no secondary pollution to working fluid and environment.

Product Details

Silicone Defoamer for Textile Mill in Textile Printing and Dyeing

This textile mill specialized defoamer is a kind of additive agent specially developed for textile mill to eliminated the foams and ensure the quality of the products. A large number of surfactant and other chemical additives will be added during the working process of textile, weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing and many other processes like dyeing and finishing, as a result, a large amount of foam is generated under chemical and mechanical action which will result in uneven dyeing and other factors affecting the quality of production and printing. So our company develop this new defoamer with innovative ideas through hard work of our research and development center.

Product Features

The product has the features of fast speed of defoaming and long time in restrain of foaming with low dosage to save cost for customers. It also has the excellent water solubility (dispersibility) feature which will not have any residue to influence the quality of the products.

Main Applications

1.If it is used for defoaming of sizing slurry process, the defoamer should be added in advance or it can be added with the slurry in the same time thus to keep the good performance of the product for defoaming.

2.It can also be use in the process of fiber sizing to defoam and restrain of the foams.

3.If the defoamer is used in dyeing and finishing process, the amount must be adjusted on the process of working and the volume of foam to be formed in the size. During the process of desizing, refining, bleaching, dyeing and finishing, the defoamer will be added according to the amount of foam and process requirements respectively.

4. The amount of the defoamer to be used is better to be determined according to the actual working process and working situation.

Packaging, Storage & Transportation

1. Packed in 25kg, 50kg and 200kg plastic drums (or plastic lining) and iron drum;

2. This product is non-toxic, non-inflammable, so it can be stored and transported according to general chemicals;

3. Storage period is one year(12 months) without any stratification and precipitation;

4. Product should be stored indoors, to avoid sun exposure and heat source; if there is slight stratification, the effect will not be affected after mixing.

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